Liftmaster is our garage door opener brand of choice. It's what we install the most often and have in the garages of our own homes. They're reliable and reasonably priced. Some models offer the convenience of being able to check your door's status and open/close it from your phone through their MyQ feature.

If your current garage door opener is beyond repair we'll likely recommend swapping it out for a brand new Liftmaster model that's appropriate for your garage door's size and weight.

We'll happily repair your current garage door opener when possible. There are many situations where the reason a door isn't opening or closing properly isn't due to the opener itself (or the opener's motor).

But, if the opener motor is showing signs of age, there's a good chance that it will cost the same - or maybe even be cheaper - to swap out the opener with a new one rather than repair the one you have.

Give us a ring or hop on our chat system to discuss your current situation. In some cases, we can diagnose the problem over the phone. If we can't, we'll swing by.