Here is a list of things you can do to help make your garage service experience go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Access to garage. If your door is stuck down we’ll need access through a service door or your home. If you’re not available to be home at the time of service we can still do our work as long as we can gain access to your garage.
  2. Items removed from the work area. We want your stuff to be safe, and for our techs to be safe and have room to work. Please clear everything from the space underneath the rails of your garage door.
  3. Power.
    1. If your garage does not currently have power wired to it, that will need to be installed separately by an electrician.
    2. If you have power to your garage but there isn’t an outlet/junction box near where an opener will be mounted, that will also need to be installed prior to hooking up a garage door.
  4. Valuables in Garage. We cannot take responsibility for the security of items stored in your garage during the time we’re installing/repairing doors/openers. Please consider relocating items an opportunistic thief might grab to a more secure location.